Seattle Indies Game Jam 2019

- Unity - Maya - Photoshop - 

I worked as the Animator, Modeler, and doing a few UI designs for our game as Terry Nguyen our leader of the group to create OSHA Coaster. 


-Our Website To Play Our Game-



Group Project with Animators and Programmers - 2017

- Unity - Animation CC - Maya - Photoshop - 

I worked as the animator for our Hawaiian Game project with Kari Noe as the lead animator. Our project contained both 2D and 3D elements and I was involved with making the enemy animations.



independent Animated Short Film - 2016

- Animation CC - Photoshop - Premiere Pro - 

A class project where I produced a short animation. This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, animating, and editing.



Global Game Jam 2018

- Unity - Maya - Photoshop -

Participated in a Global Game Jam with the theme of transmission. I choose heat transmission and with my team of programers we created Tiny Ember



Video Game Partner Project - 2017

- Unity - Maya - Photoshop - 

A quick project with Ed White in our Video Game Class where we make a pinball like game with a ancient greek theme.



Group Animation Short Film Project Producer: Kayla Abalos - 2016

- Animation CC - Photoshop - Premier Pro -

A group project to create a Short Film to present at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) I was the Storyboarder, Background Designer, Concept Design, and In-between Animator.



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